Facility Access Controls

Facility Access Controls

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Why Our Facility Access Control Systems?

Facility Access Control is the ability to permit or deny entry to your premises without requiring a key. It is highly desirable in companies with a large number of employees, companies with a high turnover rate, or companies that allow access to customers during off business hours. Keyless entry allows you to grant or remove access permission for single individuals at any time. This removes the need to rekey your business when an employee leaves your employment and eliminates the business disruption caused by getting new keys to the remaining employees.

At its most basic, access is controlled through a single device. Access is granted by a lock’s keypad where a personal identification code (PIN) is entered, a card reader where a card is swiped, a proximity detector, or biometrics. When the device determines that you have provided the proper credentials, it lets you in.

Basic access control devices allow access to a set number of users by entering a pin code. Additional features include bypass mode (where anyone can gain access during a given time period), audit control (receive a list of who accessed the device and when), programming by software (a nice feature when there will be many users), access control by a proxy card instead of a pin code, and completely wireless systems that can be accessed and programmed by computer regardless of user location.

Single point access devices are the least expensive way to adopt access control. They do not require a physical power connection. Recent technology developments have made single point device very attractive in terms of functionality and cost.

More complex systems are interlaced with various components and may control several doors. Wireless access control systems limit the need to run wires to greatly reduce installation cost. Who can gain access to various doors, and when, is control by computer software. In cases where exit control is desired a push button, or second reader may be used on the opposite side of the door.

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