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Benefits of Fiber Optic Cabling vs Copper and Coaxial Cable for Your Business

Your internet speed is important for business efficiency. Demand for video, streaming and access to cloud content has increased significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By transitioning to fiber-optic cabling, you’ll see lightning speed internet where service providers and vendors like Verizon, Google, AT&T and Comcast have entered the market.

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Fiber Optic Internet:

1. Speed and Cloud Confidence

96% of businesses are dependent on hosted cloud applications for which they need fast and reliable access. Speed and bandwidth are more reliable than copper and coaxial cable. Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming increasingly more important, especially as much of the workforce is working remotely.

2. Reliability in Hardware and Signal Strength

Fiber-optic cable is stronger and more durable than traditional copper and coaxial cable. If you want continuous lifetime reliability with less risk of damage to weak wiring, and if you want better uptime speed and connectivity, fiber optic cabling is the way to go. Nothing is worse than during a high peak time of usage, for your phones and networks to lag or go down. Ensure your uptime, and less downtime with fiber optic cabling.

3. VoIP, Cloud PBX and SIP Trunking Streamlining

There’s nothing more bothersome than during a video conference, the audio cuts out, video becomes choppy, or the call drops all together. Have you ever tried to share a file internally and it just takes forever or never gets sent? Avoid these issues by installing fiber optic cabling. No more latency, no more processing delays or issues downloading and uploading.

4. Quality

At any point in the day, we all want to communicate with our customers better. By improving the quality of your cabling infrastructure with fiber optic systems, you’ll see better voice quality in your VoIP system. No more dropped calls when bandwidth is maximized for whatever reason in your company throughout the day.

5. Cost Savings

Unreliable connections cause lag times in your company’s production speed. As you scale, the loss in man hours will also grow due to poor connectivity. By building a solid cabling system that will last longer than traditional copper and coaxial cable systems, you will be positioned to scale and improve your workforce productivity, while saving precious time and money wasted during unproductive down times cause by poor cabling.

At Phoenix Communication Solutions, we specialize in the assessment, design, install and maintenance of single and multi-mode fiber optic cabling systems in the State of Arizona. Fiber Optic backbone cabling is rapidly becoming the premier choice for connecting server rooms, school grounds and multi-story buildings. Fiber Optics systems are economical and more secure than copper and coax, which make it an ideal choice for extending all types of Networking, Communications, VoIP, Facility Access Control and CCTV systems.

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