Services to help you achieve your goals

PCS offers a variety of services to meet your technology needs. We strive to create a complete solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.

Fiber Optics

PCS specializes in the installation & service of Fiber Optic cabling. Fiber Optics will provide our customers with longer ranges of communications, extending higher levels of transmission of data.


PCS will engineer the correct Overhead Paging Systems that is required to communicate with your workers and customers, especially for larger workplaces like warehouses and production plants.

Structured Cabling

PCS engineers designs the most efficient and affordable solutions for your Structured Cabling needs. We make sure your organization is wired to a high standard resulting in easy management for your IT group.


A strategically placed surveillance system can bring peace of mind and deter break-ins to your business and property. Monitor your facility around the clock and improve employee productivity while you reduce theft, vandalism, accidents
and false claims.

Telephone Systems

PCS listens and develops a plan to ensure your business has a fully efficient, cost effective and reliable Telephone System tailored to your organization.

Wireless Access Points

PCS initiates a new level of technology; Wireless Access Points help with areas that cannot receive the correct amount of connection for Wi-Fi applications. WAP’s fill in those areas & also enhance the shorter distance connections.