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Fiber Optic backbone cabling is rapidly becoming the premier choice for connecting server rooms, school grounds, and multi-story buildings. Fiber Optics cabling is economical and straightforward which makes it an ideal choice for extending all types of Networks, Communications, VoIP, Security Access Control, and CCTV systems.

PCS specializes in the assessment, design, installation and maintenance of single and multi-mode fiber optics cabling. Do you have a new build, expansion, renovation, or an existing site that needs upgraded Fiber Optics? First, PCS will provide a free site survey at your earliest convenience, and collect valuable information regarding your network wants, needs, and budget. Next, PCS will build a customized solution with the information gathered at the site survey, and present it for client collaboration, and approval through our software application. Next, before the start of the project, PCS will build a numbered, customized wire map of all cable locations for customer approval. Finally, at the conclusion of the project, PCS will walk the site with the client, and provide downloadable wire maps for the end user.

Fiber Optic Cabling

PCS Fiber:

  • Muti Mode: OM2, OM3 & OM4
  • Single Mode: OS1 & OS2
  • 6 Strand & 12 Strand
  • Termination, Testing & Certification
  • Demarc Extension
  • Network Connections Between Buildings
  • Indoor/Outdoor Plant
  • Fusion Splicing & Repair

Infrastructure Products: